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We have probably all a romantic image in the mind of the handsome man dressed in a linen suit and straw hat, often from movies like Death in Venice, The Great Gatsby, Hipp Hipp Hurra and others.. 

Our models are all made after the original from the early 1900s. One of the models belonged among others Christian Krohg, Skagen painter from 1901, we produce all garments themselves known linn countries such as Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Estonia. If you want to create your own linen suit, you can find bargains among the hundreds of garments we have in stock, either in our new store or in our popular outlet. 

The Panama hat is named because those who dug the Panama Canal had this type of hat as sun protection. When "Teddy" Roosevelt inspected the Panama Canal in the early 1900s in a white linen suit and straw hat he was photographed by the world press and these pictures did the hat immensely popular worldwide.

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Our contemporary 1900s suits

Our models are all made by the original 

from the early 1900s

Linen suits

Kanaljen produces linen suits for old models from the early twentieth century when the craft and tradition were decisive. We continue the tradition and offers a very wide range of costumes and accessories for the true getleman.

Panama hats

All men with self-esteem knows that if you want to be well dressed, everything is topped with a genuine Panama hat. The hat is made of a palm plant called toquilla and the most produced in Colombia and Ecuador. The finest hats comes from the town of Montecristi and may take up to a year to complete.


Hällesmörk Djupedal 1
452 93 Strömstad

Tel: +46(0)707-252652

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Butiken ligger ca 22 min från Strömstad

1. Kör E6 mot Oslo ta avfarten mot Näsinge / fornlämningar
2. Kör mot Näsinge, efter ca 14-15 min kommer ni till Näsinge flygplats & skola, där tar Ni av mot Boråsgården
3. Kör i ca 5-6 min hela tiden följ skyltar mot Boråsgården och ca 1 km innan passerar Ni en 3 planskorsning
4. Där fortsätter ni mot Boråsgården och efter 300m finns en skylt med vår logga, Gaardhagen & Kanaljen
5. Svänger vänster och kör 1 km och efter en kraftig högersväng ser ni ett dubbelgarage (rött och vitt)
6. Ingången till butiken ligger på sidan (mot fjorden)